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Meet Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory is the Founder of Choose Life Now, a Faith Driven Life Program to help followers of Christ develop a lifestyle of health and well-being. 

I thank God for the work He has called me to do and the unique way He continually equips me to serve those He leads to Faith Driven Life and to Choose Life Now. 

God has gifted me with the skills that help women and men see themselves as His priceless children and then to guide them into changes that bring success, strength, confidence, and health to their everyday lives. Everything I teach is grounded in the Word of God and my hope is for all of us to integrate Christ into the center of every aspect of our lives. 

Dedicated to Serving

Susan Gregory is committed to serving God by serving His people.  Susan started teaching online in 2007 and since that time has helped millions of Christians draw nearer to God. She is a bestselling author, a Christian Life Coach, and a promoter of living an awesome life for the cause of Christ. 

Choose Life Now

Choose Life Now is NOT a diet program. Instead, the monthly membership program has five pillars that lead our members to success and positive results.

  • You’ll join a Christ-centered program that leads you to partner with the Holy Spirit who is in you.
  • You’ll change from the inside out, being transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • You’ll learn practical steps and applications that are proven and deliver lasting results.
  • You’ll learn how to take micro-steps and also develop the skills to keep the small promises you make to yourself that lead to healthy changes.
  • You’ll join a community of like-minded believers who offer support, accountability, celebration, and prayer.