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Susan Gregory is inviting you to be among the first to join the all-new Choose Life Now membership program. She considers you one of her top-level Creators, as she draws from your insights, desires, and hopes as she puts the final touches on this new version that will help women and men develop a lifestyle of health and well-being.
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Our Creators for Choose Life Now will participate in weekly live ZOOM calls (all recorded for later viewing), weekly video lessons, and our exclusive private Facebook Group, Join now as a Founding Member for the all-new Choose Life Now 3.0.

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Join Susan Gregory, the Founder of Choose Life Now, as a Creator! Creators are the first to join the new version of Choose Life Now and you can help Susan create the best online membership program to serve you and others as you develop a lifestyle of health.

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The New Choose Life Now

Choose Life Now was created in 2009 in response to people who had a deep desire to drop unwanted pounds and develop a lifestyle of health. Watch the video to learn more, then decide if you’re ready to join.

Inside-out Living and Christ-centered

No more diets. Sustainable and forever.

Micro-steps and keeping small promises.

Join a community of like-minded women and men.

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