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Choose Life Now is a Christ-centered support and learning center to come along-side women and men who want to submit their bodies to Christ and develop a lifestyle of health.

We are inviting you to make a shift in your life that leaves poor health, cravings, and fatigue behind and leads you to more energy, greater confidence, and a lifestyle of health and well-being.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week Susan Gregory will host a live group coaching that member attend over the Internet! All the calls are recorded for replays if you can’t make the call! You’ll learn how to tap into your faith so it can become the driving force for the changes you want for yourself. Draw nearer to God as you begin the joyful journey.

Susan is known for her gentle and encouraging ways. Member frequently note, “Susan is so loving and caring. I know she’s for me and wants the very best for me. Her love of Christ is so apparent.”

Call Schedule

The Make a Shift Live Group Coaching calls will all be recorded for replay at your convenience. Access via computer or telephone. Instructions will be sent to all members. Calls are live on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time and last for about one hour. The teaching time is followed by a Q&A session so you can interact directly with Susan.

July 7th – Kickoff Call

July 14th – Make the Shift #1

July 21st – Make the Shift #2

July 28th – Make the Shift #3

August 4th – Make the Shift #4

August 11th – Make the Shift #5

August 18th – Make the Shift #6

  • Dates and Times are subject to change if unexpected travel or events come up. You will be notified in advance.



All Access Pass

New Members have immediate access to all the programs within Choose Life Now (click here). Begin your journey as soon as you like and then receive the added motivation and support from Susan during the Make a Shift weekly live group coaching calls.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Crush your cravings

End sugar and food addiction

Grow in your faith

Develop self-control

Drop unwanted pounds

Improve your health

Lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Feel more confident and secure

Look and feel better

Honor God by caring for His creation

Develop healthy eating habits

Save money

Become a good role model

And much more . . .

Here are the valuable bonuses that you will receive when you make the choice to “Choose Life Now” with us! 
+ The Choose Life Now eCookbook — a great collection of healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes that you and your family will enjoy! Appetizing meals with wonderful flavors . . . and you’re getting healthy all at the same time!
+ A Four-Week Quick Start Guide and Meal Plans — if you want a specific meal plan to follow, this will quickly launch you into healthy eating and time-saving meal planning!
+ Stretch the Dollar Meal Planning Worksheets – a super useful guide so you can plan economical meals while still providing great nutrition and satisfaction for you and your family.
Our new Annual Members also receive these super beneficial courses to help you bring Christ into every part of your life!
+ Discovery, Faith and Transformation – an eight-part home-study course that will help you discover the unique gifts and talents your Creator planted in your soul . . . and then how to use your faith to realize God’s will for your life! You will learn how to use your gifts to serve Him and His people . . . and how to fulfill His unique call on your life. 
+ Strengthen My Faith for Answered Prayer – a four-part home-study course that will lead you into deeper faith and a lifestyle where you are more dependent upon Christ. Learn a powerful and unique way to meditate on God’s Word so that His truths are planted deeply in your heart! Learn to live a faith-driven life that pleases the Lord. 
+ A 30-Minute One-on-one Coaching Call with Me! – I’ve never offered this before only because of time! But this is the truth! I want you to realize the success that you can have! And I want to help you get there! So after you’ve started in Choose Life Now and you’re getting things underway, we will jump on the phone for a “just you and me call.” I’ll help you identify the things that are keeping you from fast success and we’ll lay out a plan of action that is doable and just right for you! I am only offering this to you and others who were on the live call or listened to the replay video!

Those are our bonuses! But in my opinion the real bonus is all you will receive when you take part with our other members in the newest addition to the Choose Life Now Curriculum! It’s called Make the Shift. Here is what you will receive when you make the choice and join me and others!
* 7 LIVE Make the Shift Online Teaching Calls – Join me and other Choose Life Now members for weekly calls that focus on what you really need to make changes in your life that won’t be temporary . . . but instead develop a lifestyle filled with joy, excitement and health! It’s all a Christ-centered approach to marvelous living! Plus, all the calls are recorded! So if you can’t join the live call you can listen to the exact same teaching when it’s convenient for you!
* The All New 90-Day Challenge Series – This is the most popular part of our Choose Life Now Library. It’s a series of 65 short video messages, along with PDF downloadable worksheets for each lesson. The lessons are short so most of our member use them as part of their morning Bible study time. Bit by bit . . . and step by step . . . you will experience the transformation that consistently feeding on God’s Word, along with sound healthy principles, makes possible.
* Choose Life Now Ten Habits for Healthy Living – I will introduce you to the ten simple to understand principles that will change your life forever. When you consistently practice these uncomplicated habits so that they become your way of life . . . you will never have to diet again! I explain them all in video messages so you can grasp them and make them part of you life. 
* Choose Life Now Boot Camp – An effective seven-part series of lessons that leads you step-by-step into a Christ-centered healthy life. You’ll learn about meal planning, saving money, developing healthy habits, prayer and meditation, and much more. Our member treasure this series of hour-long teachings. 
* The Original 90-Day Challenge – I created this compelling series of 65 video lessons when I first started Choose Life Now. Each lesson is accompanied with a PDF downloadable worksheet so you can incorporate what you are learning with your own life. It’s a recipe for transformation into a healthy way of being. Not for a little while (like a diet), but for the rest of your life! Hallelujah!
* Make the Shift 1.0 – You’ll receive the 10 recorded calls from the first time I presented Make the Shift to review at your convenience. This series was so popular then that it’s back by popular demand! So not only will you have the all new Make the Shift series, but you also have the archived version so you can learn even more!
* Private Facebook Group – This is where you can interact with other members by joining our Choose Life Now private Facebook Group. Seek and give prayer, support, encouragement, and practical tips! It’s where you can connect with like-minded people for support and inspiration!
* Plus so much more . . . 
When you enroll you will receive the bonuses (only available until Saturday morning). PLUS, all the lessons, features, and benefits already part of Choose Life Now. Then, you will immediately be enrolled in our Make the Shift LIVE Online Teaching Series that has the Kick Off Call on Saturday July 7th. Remember, if you can’t make the live sessions the replays are all available so you can watch them later!